SP-S Series


 Design and Operation 
Our SP-Series miniature plane-mirror interferometers are precision length measurement instruments designed for incorporation into customer supplied systems, and are readily adapted to
suit a wide variety of experimental setups and tasks.
The miniaturized sensor head allows their employment as permanently installed metrological systems.
Planar mirrors or other optical-quality reflective surfaces may be employed as reflectors on their translating arms, and may be angularly misaligned by as much as several minutes of arc with respect to the laser beam without adversely affecting the operation of the interferometer.
The beam from the laser light source is transmitted to the sensor head by a fiberoptic cable.
The miniature interferometer converts motions of the planar mirror along the beam axis into optical interference signals that are transmitted to an optoelectronic signal processing/power
supply unit for processing and output as lengths.
Instrument operation and display of measurement results are controlled either through a separate keypad/display unit or a PC running an optional software package.



 Major Performance Features 
• Ultraprecise length measurement
• Single beam design minimizes Abbe aberrations when correctly aligned
• Versatile instruments for incorporation customer supplied systems, readily suit a wide variety of tasks
• Fiberoptic coupled sensor head
• A planar mirror or other reflective be employed as the moving reflector
• Objects being measured may wander beam axis if the mirror or other reflective surface employed is sufficiently large
• Low heat loss to the environment
• Employs frequency-stabilized HeNe light sources
• Corrects for variations in laser wavelength caused by ambient condition

 Precision laser interferometric length measurement systems for incorporation into, or calibrating, translation stages, microscope stages, positioning stages, metrological equipment,   
  machine tools, or hardness testing and materials testing equipment
• Single/dual/multi-axis coordinate measurements
• Dual-coordinate measurements in a single plane on, e.g., plane tables
• Calibrating length measurement instrumentation
• Runout and eccentricity measurements
• Noncontact surface profiling