Nano Vibration Analyzer


 Design and Operation 
The Nano Vibration Analyzer is a fiber-coupled laserinterferometricvibrometer integrated in a precision technicalmicroscope. It is excellently suitable for measurements of dynamic properties and static displacements of micro structures,MEMS and cantilevers.
The flexible sample positioning in a wide range of 50 mm x 50mm is achieved by the specific microscope set-up. The vibrating object can be watched on PC by means of a USB camera.
Different objectives with magnifications of 10x and 50x arechangeable. DC deflection measurements as well as spectral analysis up to a frequency of 2 MHz are possible. Amplitudes can be measured with sub-nanometer resolution.
Operation and display of results employs a PC running specialized data analysis software. This software allows the frequency analysis of vibrations, the triggered data acquisition and a script-controlled scanning of surface structures.
 Major Performance Features 
• High precision, noncontact vibration measurements on micro objects
• Flexible sample positioning
• Different changeable objectives (10 x, 50 x)
• USB camera for observation of measuring objects
• Fiberoptic coupling of the laser beam
(eliminates thermal influences on measurement results)
• Application-specific configuration
• Includes FFT spectrum-analysis software
 Software für Windows - INFAS Vibro 
• 3D display of planar vibrations
• Script-controlled measurement procedure
• Integrability into customized systems by TCP/IP
• Calculation of velocity and acceleration of vibrational motion
• Spectrum analysis
• Averaging of spectra
• Noncontacting vibration measurements on micro objects, MEMS und cantilevers
• Determining the vibrational spectrum
• Determining the vibrational shapes (planar vibrations)
• Determining the resonant frequencies