HeNe Laser

sl 02-Series

 Design and Operation
sl 02-Series stabilized HeNe lasers employ a patented two-mode stabilization technique providing high frequency stability in conjunction with rapid warm-up. The stabilized HeNe laser is installed in a compact cylindrical case. For the power supply only a single 13.5 V-AC adapter is necessary. The output beam is linearly polarized. Two different models, either with one single mode (Model sl 02/1), or with two polarized modes (Model sl 02/2) are available. An internal thread at the beam exits may be used for installing mechanical shutters or various types of optical components. Fiber couplers directly installed on the laser head have the advantage of stable and nearly alignment-free operation. Couplers with pigtails mating to singlemode or multimode fibers are available as an option.


 Major Features and Benefits
• High long-term frequency stability
• Rapid warm-up
• Compact design
• Internal thread at beam exit for installing items such as fiber couplers
• Bear the CE-symbol certifying compliance with:
EC-Guidelines: 73/23/EEC and 89/336/EEC
Harmonized EC-Standards: EN 61010-1,
EN 60825-1, EN 55011 and EN 50082-1

• Datasheet with absolute frequency (maximum error 1 MHz) measured in comparison with an iodine-stabilized HeNe laser
• Marking indicating the beam’s plane of polarization
• Adjustable operating temperature range
• Fiber coupler installation and alignment
• Installation and alignment of a Faraday isolator in order to eliminate optical feedback
• Additional module for alternatively single or dual mode operation (Model sl 02/2)