HeNe Laser
Design and Operation
Our SL 03-Series stabilized HeNe lasers employ a patented dual longitudinal mode stabilization technique providing high frequency and amplitude stabilities, low optical feedback, and extremely rapid warm-up. They consist of a compact cylindrical head incorporating the laser tube, plus a separate table-top housing incorporating a high-voltage supply and control electronics equipped with a front-panel switch for selecting frequency-stabilized or amplitude-stabilized mode of operation. An internal thread at their beam exit provides a rigid mounting for mechanical shutters or various types of optical components. Fiber couplers mating to singlemode or multimode fibers are available as an option.


 Major Features and Benefits 
High frequency and amplitude stabilities
Choice of two modes of operation, frequency stabilized or amplitude stabilized
Rapid warm-up (typically 10 min)
Compactly designed
Laser heads come equipped with an internal thread at their beam exit for installing, e.g., fiberoptic couplers, as standard.
All units bear the CE-symbol certifying compliance with EG-Guidelines 73/23/EWG and 89/336/EWG and harmonized EN-Standards EN 61010-1,EN 60825-1, EN 55011, and EN 50082-1.
Datasheet with absolute frequency (maximum error 1 MHz) measured in comparison with an iodinestabilized HeNe laser
Marking indicating the beam's plane of polarization
Extended or shifted operating temperature range

• Faraday isolator
• Couplers for multimode or
• Fiberoptic connector, e.g., the fiber exit end